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Make Chocolate Frosted Animal Crackers with Sprinkles

My kids like animal crackers, but the frosted ones they love.  Well....okay maybe I love them too.  I have been doing a few fun recipes lately with melt away chocolate & got to thinking about what other cool snacks I could make.  I thought of those poor little plain animal crackers in the drawer.  Then the diy frosted animal cracker was born. I know chocolate is not the same as frosting, but it sounds good.  It is simple, not very messy & the set time is quicker than what frosting would be.

So here is what I did:

1st I grabbed 8 chocolate discs from the bag and did a run of melting them in the microwave.
Microwaved 1 minute open & turn on for 30 seconds, open & stir: 30 more seconds & stir.

*My go to stir tool lately has been the really long skewer sticks. I am just loving them & everything they help me do. *
I just lightly patted the front of the crackers into the chocolate and lifted with the end of the skewer.
If a little chocolate is missing or bumpy you can smooth it over with the skewer.
I did sprinkled the first set on this plate & let the kids do the rest.  Theirs are the ones with a TON of sprinkles...haha.
They look like the real deal right? Only thing is the ones in the store are pink.  I placed them in the fridge for a few minutes to fully dry & thicken.  They are not as sweet as the ones in the store, but they still taste great.  Not to mention the kids LOVED making them & eating them. 

8 discs made 16 animal crackers!  I was really excited about getting 2 crackers per disc.

What kind of store products have you taken & made it your own?

Happy Snacking!

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