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Wooden Learning Puzzles

I am always on the look out for thrifty learning things for the kids.  There is this little store that is hidden in a little area located up in town that could easily be missed, but luckily I know where it is.  We don't go there very often, but we happened to stop in.
I found these awesome wooden puzzles.  Guess how much they were.....okay I will tell you!  They were only .99; you just can't beat learning and sturdy wood in one.  I just had to pick some up.

These are perfect for my 4 year old and they are nice and colorful.
I got this one for our 7 year old.  She hasn't started learning this yet in school, but it is never too early to introduce it to her.  Sorry if it is a little blurry.
I just love running across deals. I am a sucker for .99 finds especially. 
Don't you just love running across bargains!  What is your latest bargain?

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