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Silhouette Paintings from Local Art Students

I love silhouettes; they are just so pretty.  It was only natural to want to snap a few pictures of all my favorites. These silhouette portraits that local high school art students painted and displayed throughout the mall. This is a wonderful way to show the talent of all of these students and open your eyes to the way some else views are and what their inspiration led to them painting.

This one is my just reminds me of a romantic date night.

This one would be really pretty in my little girls room ad I love the sunset colors.

Could possibly be a big brother cheering up a little sister.  I think this would have been so much prettier with a little orange or pink in the back ground and the little boy and little girl a little further apart...just my take on it.

This would be a really great man den portrait for a man that hunts.  My husband doesn't hunt, but I really like this photo. It wants me to get an Autori and shoot some ducks. Yes, I am an 80's child and the duck shooting game, Mario and Pac Man were bomb games!

I really like all kinds of silhouettes, how about you?

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