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A Lunch Made with Love!

Mommy Brain! Oh Mommy Brain!

Not really.  I wanted to share a little story about my sweetheart of a daughter.  Has your little one ever said momma are you hungry?  I want to make you a sandwich or something to eat.  WELL......I have to say when my daughter asked me this question while smiling so big with her little eyes so bright and full of hope while up on her little tippy toe,  the only answer has got to be yes.  She has SO much heart and personality so if I would have said no I would have had one little girl with some hurt feelings, and I didn't want that.  After of course, I made sure she knew she was not to use anything she knew she wasn't supposed to, I let her go on her way to make me something to eat.  I really was expecting maybe a pb&j, a little deli meat sandwich or even a bowl of oatmeal because she knows how to use the 30 second button by pressing it a few times on the microwave.  She kept insisting I not look and stay out of the kitchen and I did not look and boy was I surprised.

She comes prancing around the corner with her eyes all bright and excitedly said "Look Momma, I made you lunch!"
Slice of  Bread, 2 slices of ham, a sprinkle of shredded cheese.
Slice of Bread
Slice of Bread
A Chocolate chip granola bar
Slice of Bread
Oh and 2 Chocolate cookies on the side.

What a lunch.  I said the only thing one can say when such a beaming little girl brings you something she created out of love, "Wow, that looks so yummy; I can't wait to eat it!" "You made me a double decker sandwich!"  I of course took a picture first so I could text it to my husband and show him what a great and liscious(a word made up by the kids) lunch our daughter made for me.  I tell you moments like this are SO very special and unforgettable and make my heart melt. How did it turn out you wonder?  Well, I was able to slide by letting her know that I really want to share my granola bar and cookies with her and that of course did the trick.  She did a fantastic job and I will let her make me lunch anytime.

I love being a mother; I can think of nothing that is more joyous. To share your life with such beautiful and precious little souls really is the BEST feeling. I am so grateful to have been blessed enough to have such wonderful children.  My son has a wonderful, caring little personality too.  I definitely don't want to leave him out, because he is with me day in and day out.  He is my little helper!  If I am doing clothes and something falls he is instantly running to help his momma.  I am so pleased to have turned out with such a wonderful and loving husband who has given me such priceless gifts.  

 What kind of special things does your little(s) do for you?

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