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Saucy Pulled Pork Sandwich

Crockpot meals are my best friend. When you have more tasks than time in a day. As a stay at home mom, with a busy schedule, I often turn to the crockpot to save the day. Words can not explain the burden of rushing to get a hot and homemade meal for dinner done and walking through the door to the aroma of an already done meal! It makes me oh so content and makes the end of the day even better. Pulled pork is one of the most fabulous meats to let simmer in the crockpot, in my opinion. Pulled pork has so many options, but one of our absolute favorites is a saucy pulled pork sandwich...YUM!

Saucy Pulled Pork Sandwich:

I grabbed a 10 pound Pork Butt and threw it in the crock pot from 9 am until 6pm.....
of course I put it in the most wonderful creation "A CROCKPOT BAG".   When it was done I had a few specialty Budweiser sauces leftover from a holiday pack and poured them in which ended up being around 1 1/2 cup; then I poured about 1 cup of the sweet chili sauce in it.  Two slices of bread lather up with a good amount of mayo and a sprinkle of pepper...its truely a "MMMMM" worthy moment.

Doesn't that look delicious?  It was too! If you have never used a crockpot bag, grab a box on your next store trip and you will be so happy you did.  It saves from so much clean up time. You remove your food and throw the bag away and do a quick wash of your crockpot and that is that.  Basically, you just got a moist, delicious dish by doing nothing...and you don't even have a crockpot to scrub out.  That is a perfect end to a already made meal kind of day...less cleaning!

What have you been cooking in your crock pot?

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