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His, Mine and Ours

I wanted to do another post that ties to the "How Being Raised Shaped Me" post.   That post has more details explaining it.

Here are a few things involving my husband and myselfs backgrounds and what we do with our kids.


His- My husband didn't always understand why I wanted to give my children cutesy party decorations and party foods( the little snacky kinds) for their birthdays, but now he just accepts that is just me.

Mine- I never had those things and it didn't make me feel too special when I was little, so I want my children to know how special they are.

Ours- We don't have big parties or anything and normally it is just us. We aren't big on gifts, because it is just how we do it. We didn't get presents when I was younger, but we got cake and ice cream and my mom made us whatever we wanted to eat for dinner. My husband, well he was lucky to hear a Happy Birthday much less gift.


His- He grew up not expressing feelings, so when we first met it was an issue, but he has gotten a lot better over the years. So, I understand he isn't the big talker about feelings and I accept it, but that doesn't mean I won't aggravate the crap out of him to talk.

Mine- I grew up expressing your feelings, so I am the bigger talker.  

Ours- We express our feelings with children and encourage them to say how they feel about things.

It all comes down to you can either follow what you know or make your own path. I feel like there are so many people that say "Oh, well I grew up this way so that is all I know how to be, act or think." I just don't agree with that. Every person chooses the way they want to live their life and raise their children.

Choices, Chances, Changes
Dr. Seuss
                                                                    -Dr. Seuss



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