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Inspire Me Monday- Finding Yourself

I had such a productive weekend.  I have been trying to get my kitchen painted or even started for quite some time.  Embarrassingly, I have to admit that I have had several spots in the kitchen lined with blue tape with the expectation of starting it and yet I never did.  I am not really sure why I haven't started on it other than being a procrastinator and poor time management.  I 'can' say I got the bottom started and almost done and the top will be a different color so I want to get the bottom all set before I start on that part.  The kitchen has this weird design on the wall-if you can even call it a design.  It is separated by a piece of raised paneling which makes it a little odd because it is not flat.  I wish the whole kitchen could just be redone.  I am so pleased with the results of the just gives me this happy and comforting feeling.  I will share a wall when it is done.  Success for sure and no more blue tape! Win!

Today's Quotation:
One does not "find oneself" by pursuing one's self, but on the contrary by pursuing something else and learning through discipline or routine... who one is and wants to be. May Sarton

Today's Meditation:
I find it interesting to hear people talk about finding themselves. Whenever I hear someone say that they are trying to do so, the first thought that enters my mind is, "Well, here you are, standing right in front of me." And while I know that there is more to the idea than knowing where the physical self is, I also know that finding oneself more than likely is simpler than most people believe. I think the major problem is that most people have not defined or identified just what they are looking for, and therefore have no idea what they have found even when they do find it.  I find that the best things come to me when I am focused on accomplishing something that is important to me or someone else. I find that keeping my mind occupied in a certain pursuit allows my subconscious mind to work on other things, and keeps my conscious mind out of the search for things like peace, happiness, or my inner self. 

That is just the portion that I like the most.  The source of this information is an app on my phone called Inspire Me and I really look forward to the next day because it normally is something pretty interesting and makes me think.  You can not look ahead or back but only at the day you are currently on.  Staying in the present not looking back on the past or wondering into the future.  So I activated my email just so I can email the ones that give me that hmmm moment.  I decided why not answer this because I HAVE pondered this question in some point and time in my life.  So here are the questions at the bottom of the message.

Questions to consider with my Q & A's:

1. Why do so many people fee that they have to work hard to find themselves?
Well, for me I think that most people feel like they actually have to search for, be something or look for something in others to find themselves.  That is at least what I have once done.  I have wondered Who Am I; Who am I supposed to be; How do I know?  There really was no answer.  All of the above things had nothing to do with me but others and materials.  How can you find yourself in others or materials?  You can't, it has nothing to do with "You". 

2. What are some major benefits of focusing our efforts on very specific tasks?

Completed task
Thoughts would be on that and nothing else
Good time management
Not getting overwhelmed with trying to do to many tasks at once and then in turn nothing being completed. 

3. Why do we so often feel that we have to take on all tasks directly, and to see any results of our efforts?
For me this question is easy.  I do this because I feel like if I ask someone else to do something and they don't do it like I would then I feel entitled to do it myself and make it right  because I am a control freak .  Which makes me feel like I have wasted time because I could have done it in the first place and not have to spend more time on it.  When I think about it, I can admit that just because in my mind it has to be done a certain way doesn't mean that the other persons way is not acceptable as well.  

I noticed that the person above nor the message even asked or answered if they found themselves or if you have found yourself? 
I will just take it upon myself to finish this up with an ending.  I stopped searching for who I was in others and materials and became consumed with many things over the years.  In being a wife, mother, stay at home parent, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, grandchild, cousin, volunteer and every other role I am playing in life, I realized that is WHO I AM.  I am content with all of these roles and I never found or realized the answer by searching.  I feel complete and satisfied with how my life is and do not feel in need to be any other person than who I am.  It may not be the same for another person, but for me this is what I feel in my heart in this point and time in my life as the answer.

What do you think? Have you ever pondered this question?

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