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On the way to school

All you can do is find something that makes the day a little better.   33 degrees here and it was SO cold this morning, the cars windows was all frosted over.  Also, since I failed to check outside before we went out there, we got to sit and wait for the window to defrost.

On the way to bringing my daughter to school:

While the window was defrosting the middle looked like Mickey Mouse ears(sign that I watch too many cartoons with my kids for this to be what comes to mind).

We start on our way down the road and a little boy(around 10) that rides my daughters bus was bent down with his tongue on the side of the stop sign pole. I say ewww, then the kids say ewww!  Instantly the tongue on the pole scene from A Christmas Story popped in my head.   I am assuming this little boy has heard of the tongue on the pole thing or has seen it.  Here it is just incase you haven't seen it.  Oh, and if you haven't seen this movie you should, it is one of those movies you can't help but to have a laugh.

Conversation between my 4 year old and my 7 year old:

DD- I am going to tell everyone on the bus what he was doing.  I don't like him.
Me- Well, that is not nice to say you don't like some one.
DD- Well, he eats his boogers.
{insert DS & DD laughing because they think anything about bodily functions is funny}
DS- I eat my snot sometimes.

{Insert me laughing silently to myself so I didn't stir up any further bodily function talks}

After this they started talking about something else....I tuned out.

Here is the song I heard that got me a little motivated this morning on the way back home.

Welp, I am in for an eventful day.  Pretty interesting already.  Later today we are going to a Hello Kitty Tea Party Birthday Party for a friends daughter where there will be dressing up and makeup.....Yay!  I can't wait to see this in action! I love the age when things like seeing a person dressed up in a Hello Kitty costume is the highlight of their little day.  My daughter met Hello Kitty a few months ago at an event I was volunteering at with the moms group I serve and she was SO happy her little cheeks were all pink with excitement. 

What is getting you through this Friday?
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