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Make a Daily Gratitude Bottle

In order to make a point to be grateful for each & every day, I created something to help.

Attitude of Gratitude bottle
Print out your favorite font and cut around the words. 

Tape it to the bottle.

Trace over each letter over and over with a permanent maker until it has got a dark enough letter to see.  

Lift up the paper to trace each letter with the permanent marker on the bottle.

After all of the letters are all traced then you can go over it with some puff paint.

Let dry and it is done. 

*If you made any error or smears then you can use a x-acto tool to remove the extras.


We started our Attitude of Gratitude bottle today. 

This morning before my daughter went to school, we each said something we were grateful for and we wrote it on a small piece of paper.  We then dropped it into the bottle. 

Each day we will do this and when it gets all full we can either empty it or start a new one.

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