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Turkey Day Craftivities List

We have been working on Thanksgiving crafts since last week and we wanted to share with you a few things we have gotten made already. 

Indian and Pilgrim stands and stick puppets.

Printed Indian and Pilgrim Cut outs from the above link.
Empty toilet paper rolls for the stand ups.
Jumbo popsicle sticks for the hand held ones.

10 Little Indians Song and Craft:

We did boys on one side and girls on the other, so it can be all boys, all girls or a mix like we did.  Kaylei just had to have girls and I do believe I have heard one of the versions with boys and girls.  I just took the counting version rather than the original song and add girl in it.

10 weathered clothes pins
10 colored feathers
10 boy and 10 girl cut outs
Rubber band the feathers
Glue the cut outs on each side

One little, two little, three little Indians

Turkey Hand Luminaries

Paper bags
Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow and Green paint
Googly Eyes
Tea light and safe candle holder

We did the brown hand print first then each finger separately.
Draw on the feet, beak and red gobbler; then paint over for a better effect in the light.

Turkey Centerpiece

Fold a piece of construction paper into the design below. Do for 5 sheets.
Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Brown....Hot glue each side together.
Tape around the bottoms around 1 1/2 up so it can stick into the corn kernels.
Print out 2 turkey designs you want and glue to each side.  I just binged turkey coloring pictures and picked that way. (the one I liked was here, but there is adult advertising at the top of the page just so you know. I did not find any other sources for that particular coloring gif.)

Fill a cleaned out baby food jar with corn kernels and wrap with a piece of brown cord.

Wiggly the fan in until it is stable and its done.

A cornucopia I picked up at the flea market for a buck which I will be repainting soon.  Leaves I picked up at A.C. Moore on sale for a buck a piece...some have been modge podged with glitter.  See the Fall Centerpiece where the leaves were originally created for.  The dish towel was a buck from Walmart. Pretty thrifty and easy.

Turkey Hand Plates

Paper plates
Brown Crayon
Black, brown, orange, yellow, green and red construction paper
One is a left hand and the other is a right hand plate.
Left is my 4 year olds right hand and on the right is my 7 year olds left hand.
Cut out a strip of orange and fold back and forth for the leg design and glue on some feet.
Glue on some googly eyes (we just love the googly eyes)
Draw and cut out a gobbler or print one out.
We did a double triangle for the top and bottom of the beak and a small red one for the tongue.

If you want the mouth to open just glue the top strip of the top beak to the bottom. Put two little lines for the air holes.  Kaylei drew pink eyelashes on hers.  We taped the hands the next day to the back due to the length of time it takes for the glue to dry.

Turkey Fans

Brown construction paper folded back and forth.
Fold over bottom and tape around to secure.

Attach the Jumbo popsicle stick to the side and tape.
Glue your favorite holiday design on the front and your fan is all done.

Indian Corn Craft

We used popcorn kernels from Williams Sonoma that my husband received last year from work.  He is a Installation Specialist and driver for Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn/Pottery Barn Kids/Teens/West Elm etc.. so the employer always does raffles and drawings and stuff throughout the year.  We never popped it obviously, but I saved it for crafts.  It has some really nice colors to it.

I googled Indian Corn coloring pages and chose this one.  That site has SO many neat activities.

Pine Cone Turkeys

Pine cone
Leaves, feather, construction paper, sticks or anything else you want to make be the feathers.
Choice of turkey coloring image.
Glue the leaves in where you want them and then glue the turkey in the front.

We drove about 1 1/2  blindly searching for pine cones and ended up finding some in Blowing Rock, NC. That was a nice trip and I will be sharing our trip in a upcoming post. 

Pilgrim Hats

Boy Hat:

I winged this one with no solid instructions.  You can see below in the steps I took.  I cut 2 strips from black construction paper longways and measured my sons head and it had about 2-3 inches extra.  I cut out the hat from the short part of the paper.

For the buckle I cut a square and then cut the inner part out. I cut a strip of white for the top of the hat and a little tab for the buckle accessory and glued it all together.

Girl hat:

Piece of white construction paper.
Tape and ribbon. I just used a regular piece of construction paper and it fit my daughters head okay.  It could have been a little bigger, but I used what I had.  I did the 3 cuts and folded the front about 1/2 inch and punched the holes with a hole puncher and strung the ribbon through.

Indian Princess and Indian Chief Headdress:

Cut 2 strips of white construction paper longways and tape together after they have designed them the way they want them.  It fit my 4 year old and my 7 year old head with extra room.

We attached everything with tape.  Streamers for parties and feathers. 

Indian Chief:
Every color of streamers around the bottom and every color feather spread out around the top.

For the Indian princess one:
Punch a hole on either side of face area and string a string through and rubber band feathers to the ends. She did her feathers in the front.

I am working on a centerpiece, DIY table runner, Cornucopia, Thankful leaves, and a Attitude of Gratitude Bottle.
The kids will be doing gratitude garland and his hands napkin holders, so stay tuned!

Happy Crafting!

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