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12 Days of Christmas in our house

Ever have posts you just can't wait to post? Yesterday I wanted to post what I posted today, and completely forgot about the 12 days of Christmas post I wanted to put together.  I tell you some days I am so behind on my content and other days I am just so excited and wanting to post multiple posts.  What a crazy date...12/12/12!

I wanted to share with you guys one of my most favorite and cherisable holiday keepsakes.  My 12 days of Christmas glasses that I scored at an awesome deal last year on ebay due to the eleventh day having a chip in the glass.  However, that is not why they are SO special to me.  They are so special to me because my grandmother had these in the China cabinet every year.  They were in the back for the whole year and in the front during Christmas.  They were there as long as I could remember.  She passed in the early 2000's and Hurricane Katrina ruined the entire house and everything in it so they were lost.  They mean a lot to me.  I may be weird, but I like to have things that my grandmother or mom had when we were growing up, so when I run across things like that I try to get them if I can or just wait and hope for it to come along again.

This is how we do 12 days of Christmas in our house:

My husband has made this a traditional song for us.  This song really could be our family in it.  The song will make you laugh, so press play.

12 Pains of Christmas

And of course 12 Days of Redneck Christmas for laughs.

Traditional 12 Days of Christmas which I think I know the words to finally due to my 7 year old singing it constantly. 

Now on to my glasses- Front/backs

Happy Holidays!

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