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DIY- Personalized Special Photo Ornament

Start to Finish:

I have been TERRIFIED to send tissue paper through the printer and it ruin the printer. I finally tried it because I wanted a personalized marriage ornament this year.  You have no idea on how excited it made me for it to actually work. I was so excited and still am {until I ruin the printer with tissue paper} that I could dance and I don't even know how to. This was on my first try too. I always have to print something to make sure that I see how the printer is printing...front/back-top/bottom. I should know this by now as many times as I have printed things.

So without further ado.......

Choose your image: Wedding, Anniversary, Birth,  1st Year Christmas, Family, 1st day of school...etc.

I used an image from our wedding that I had practiced doing a subway type art with previously, but was not satisfied with the entire photo. The song we got married to "Would You Go With Me" by Josh Turner. It was just us and baby girl when we got married so we went non traditional style.

Part I:

1. Get a piece of tissue paper{ I used off white Christmas} & cut it to the size of my printer paper.

2. Tape up all of the corners & sides well, so when it runs through the printer nothing snags or causes the tissue paper to get stuck.

3. Size up your bell with the photo on the computer screen to ensure that you get the portion of the photo you want on the bell.

4. PRINT- {it turned out okay, but next time instead of using a piece that was a little crumply I will use one that is not}

5. Put your bell on top of the image section you want on top of a cut worthy surface. I put it on a piece of double folded paper. Trace around the bell with your X-acto tool until you can lift the side of the tissue paper from the ornament.

6. Remove the portion of the bell and the photo copied tissue paper. Remove the string if it came with one.

Part II:

1. Apply Mod Podge to the surface

2. Place the image CAREFULLY on to the Mod Podged surface. I luckily didn't have to move mine around, so I am not sure how much working room you would have. I would not think very much due to the delicate nature of the tissue paper. If you have a little bubble or crease you could smooth it out gently with your finger or a soft paint brush to the consistency you want it. Take your X-acto tool and softly remove the string hole of the ornament where the tissue paper is covering. I slightly tapped it and it folded in.

3. Mod Podge the back of your tissue paper photo and let dry. I was impatient and I let it sit for about 30 minutes and then took the hair dryer on the warm/low setting and dried it the rest of the way.
   It had one line in the middle there, but I didn't try to work it out because I like the old vintage photo look it gives.

4. I strung some Jute cord through the string hole and wrote the date of our marriage on it with a permanent metallic sharpie.

 Pretty cool, huh!  I plan to make a few more before the holidays are over.  I am excited to see what other Mod Podge creations I can make.

Happy Holidays.

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