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Fire and Ice~ Winter Themed Centerpiece
These are the candles I created for New Years.  YES, no a non-procrastinated project for me.   It took about a week to make, but they could be done in less time if you wanted them faster. 
 2 Glasses from the $1 Tree.
Mod Podge
Sprinkle on Epsom Salt
Let 1st coat dry.
For center mix in fine blue glitter with Mod Podge and paint the inside of the glass.  You can also paint some on the dried surface of the outside for more sparkle as well.
Do another coat of the Mod Podge and epsom salt.  Let dry.   After dry paint the bottom of your glass with champagne colored metallic acrylic paint.....a  few coats work just fine.
I worked ahead on this project and thought that the smaller martini glasses ice cube would work well in the bigger glass but I didn't think about the size difference.  So either buy one more larger glass or do it before you start your project.   Normally I have the idea and ones like this, I just go and work out the details later.  Then if I do it again then I know what steps to move around.
Fill your glass with the amount of water you would like your ice glass to be and freeze.  Check at half way point and put a old tea light in the center and let it freeze the rest of the way so you will have a tea light formed spot.
Since mine was rather small I just poured some fine sea salt at the bottom of the glass to make the ice higher.  When the ice melted this is what it looked like.
They were really pretty & turned out to be a great "Winter themed tealight centerpiece."

Did you make any neat centerpieces for New Years or any other special event lately?


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