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Personalized Party Glasses

Who has two thumbs and loves personalization and budget friendly projects?  Me!
 As you already know I am a frequent visitor splurger of the $1 Tree. 
So 2 cute little glasses $1. 
Sticky stencil letters were around $3 @ Walmart
 Permanent Metallic Markers $4
So 2 personalized glasses for less than $10!
Best thing about it, with a good scrubbing it all comes right off and you can recreate as many personalized glasses as you wish.
1 for my husband and 1 for me to ring in our New Year together!  We had some cranberry champagne in martini glasses.....just our style.  We are not fancy, we do what we do and we have a nice time together.  Some may say who drinks champagne out of martini glasses?  Why we do! haha.  Thank goodness we don't know anyone like that.  I can't imagine any other way to spend 2 years in 2 seconds any better. 2 years= 11:59 of 12.31 into 12:00 of 1.13
My husband Gerry{Jerry} has yet to send me the photos he took of us on his phone.....when he does, I will post a NYE pic of us.  So this collage was fun to put together.  We went to Party City to see what kind of little deals would could snag on NYE. 
The kids had $2 each and they picked glow sticks a mask and a foil/feathered head band. Our 2 little cuties love stuff like this.
We made a NYE balloon and each of us signed it.
Our kitty Shiloh hung out for a bit and was curious about the mini hat but then you can see how obviously p'o he is when the hat was put on him. haha
Oh and you see that big green thing?  My wonderful husband really tries to give me anything I want.  Simple things make me so happy.  We have always wanted to go out to a NYE party with a balloon drop and stuff but never have a sitter, so we celebrate at home. This was the first year it was just us, normally we have people over.  Last year we had confetti EVERY WHERE and it was like Easter basket grass...we were finding it 3 months later. 
He rigged up a plastic Xmas table cloth, jute cord and lots of tape to make a perfectly engineered balloon drop scene.  It dropped for the kids for a trial run of a different version and then I accidentally did something and released them right before 12:00.  Still lots of fun!  The kids are still having fun driving me crazy with the balloons that are left.
What did you do?

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