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Marble Painted-Pop Up Card Tutorial

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to make pop up cards.  Now I am making them with my kids.  A great alternative to store bought cards.  You get to have your own personalized cards and not break the bank doing it.  The great thing about these home made cards is it is a great project for any time of year and are sure to make everyone smile. 

How to make a Marble Painted-Pop Up Card!

Get your images from a free coloring site.  I used this one:

Painting with marbles: 

Small Marbles
Large Marbles
Kids friendly paint
A 12 pk water flat or small baking pan
Place your picture in the box or pan.
Pour some paint in the paint cap and shake/roll your marble around until fully covered with paint.
Turn your cap over and let the marble drop on the picture and wiggly the box/pan around.
Repeat until you get the desired result. 
You can place more marbles in at the same time then wiggly for more effect.

How to make Pop Up cards:
2 different colors of construction paper; Fold in half.

Cut a section like this in the middle of the card and then use a glue stick to combine the pages.  Fold the top of the slit and the bottom to make your images pop up when the card opens.

If your image is large then you can glue a folded index card to the bottom strip for more support.

Kaylei's card turned into a Get Well/Valentine card for her friend.  Center Pop Up.

 Gerry's robot pops up at you when the card opens. Vertical card: picture glued to the center of the cut slit.

The extra part of the swirl photo.  A heart cookie cutter traced with a silver metallic permanent marker.

 The larger photo needed the index card.  I cut out photos with cookie cutters from the excess paint sections and traced them with the metallic marker.

All done.  I hope you enjoy doing this with your kiddos as much as I did. 

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