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"Slim by the Summer" Week 1

Lanaya over at Raising Reagan and Anna over at Geek Can Be Chic started 

This week's theme is: 

Your long term weight loss and health goals 
Your swimsuit inspiraton for getting slim by the Summer.

My long term weight loss and health goals: 

* Provide a better example to healthier eating and being prepared for my kids.

*To strengthen my core and back in order to reduce the amount of pain and nerve pinching in my lower back due to disc damage and prevent other health issues.

*To improve my overall mental and physical state in order to boost my confidence.  To look great for not only myself but for my husband....not to mention the extra perks that come along with being healthy and fit.

*Stay motivated, inspire and connect to My Fitness Pal! 

The Plan:

My Swimsuit Inspiration for getting slim by the summer: 

I really just want to be at a healthier level.  I am not a bikini kinda gal...not since I was a teenager. Plus after having 11 and 12.5 babies through c-sections...its going to take a lot more time for that. 

This was a previous inspirational goal board I made.

I want an awesome body....being toned in all the right places and have awesome legs to show off!

"If you fail to plan, plan to fail"
Come on over and join the team! Lets lose and inspire one another as a group.

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