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Eating Better while on the Run

If you are in need for support, friendly advice and motivation....Slim by the Summer is a really great option.  It has been a blessing to me.  I do not like to fail in front of other people..I suppose it is a pride thing.  It is okay because I REALLY needed that push to get healthier before I hit my next age milestone in a few months. Interested?  Click the photo and join us!  We are starting our Diet Bet tomorrow and that is always exciting.  

Slim by The Summer topic this week: 

I am a drive-thru fan...convenience and no dishes.  I can't say it always makes me feel good, because 99.9% of the time afterwards I regret it and my stomach reminds me of how unwise a choice it was.  We have really slacked off on eating out.  We normally eat out maybe 1 or 2 times a weekend.  Sometimes we spend the whole day out and are not home or we get home too late and that is when our eating out happens.  I am not perfect and I love food, so I try to make the best choices possible while sticking to a healthier lifestyle.

How do you prevent having all of your calorie intake for the day blown away by just one meal anyway? 

This is how we do it:

* Having meals and snacks already portioned, planned and packed in the fridge so the "Oh, it will take to long to make something, lets go out to eat or order in".  Planning ahead is always worth it.

*Crock pot meals is a nice option for pre planning as well.  I love the crock pot because you have a meal that is hearty and healthy without rushing or spending crazy time in the kitchen.

* Having healthier snacks on hand is always a winner.

*We always have a case of water in the trunk~ well during the winter because it is always cold.  In the summer we always have iced down water bottles in the car.

* My go to out to eat places when trying to stay on track is Chick-fil-A and Subway.  Chick-fil-A has a grilled chicken sandwich with fruit on the side and you can even drink a diet lemonade and be around the 400 calorie mark.  They also have the option of  fruit parfait as well but that is more calories.  Full and not feeling ill or upset because you went out to eat.

*I try to always look at the nutritional sheets before ordering.  When I was pregnant with my daughter I had gestational diabetes and I was able to get a full nutritional guide to eating out for all the places, but it was in 2005 so that is a little out of date but still helpful.

*No sauces, no cheese, no fries~sub for fruit or other healthier choice.

*Snack size with no additions is a choice I also choose....just 1 small thing will hold me over until getting home for healthier options.

*If we ever go out to eat, I always drink water.  Instantly ask for a to go box~ instantly take half the food and pack it up.  No temptation and the portions are always too big anyway.  Splitting is always and option too.

*Last thing we do is we eat before we leave the house so we are not hungry.

So those are the ways our family tries to eat better while on the run. 

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