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Where Have You Been!

I decided last week that I had so many things going on that I just didn't have time to jump on the computer like normal.  I did my normal linky parties last week because I have a commitment to them and just couldn't not do them for the week.  I like doing a week at a time for blogging but really need to work on a further out schedule.  Honestly, I get really burned out with the internet, so sometimes I just close the computer and let it be and have a break.  My mind goes blank and I have nothing and when that happens, I know it is time to take a break.  I have been having fun and spending time with my family, doing mommy group stuff and so on.

It really was a sad weekend around our neighborhood. My neighbors son died a week ago and he died this weekend.  They were both older but not old.  The son that died this weekend lived with his mom and has taken care of her for many years.  I can't imagine having to bury your child.  It really made my heart break.  You are supposed to be happy that they get to move on and go on pain free and have eternal life, but I always feel sad when a passing happens.  Anyhoo, enough of the sad stuff.

I feel refreshed and ready to get back on track.  I have been being healthier and recently got Zumba Core and it kills my back around the 6th song...and I KNOW that once I lose more weight my back will feel better and I will be able to do more.  Degenerating discs, damage to my whole lower back with pinched nerves...I fell when I was 23 and it really busted my back.  I used to be a manager for 3rd shift at a restaurant and I had both my arms stacked with plates of food to deliver to a take and I walked out of the kitchen and  fell.....I did only drop 1 of the plates, so that was pretty awesome.  I wish I would have dropped them all and caught myself with my hands instead of falling straight down.  The dish washer was scrubbing the floor right outside the doorway with a bunch of soap and I didn't know so I walked right out and busted my behind.  I am unable to do some exercises or stand up/sit down for long periods of time without extreme pain.  Although my weight loss this week had me wanting to do a happy dance.  The last 2 weeks have been not so good so I was happy there was a change this week.  I won't share until tomorrow, because that is when the diet bet starts and want to stick to the schedule.  Normally, I weigh in on Mondays though.

Here are the projects I worked on last week: 

Mardi Gras Masks

Stuffed Cream Cheese King Cake for Mardi Gras

Sparkly Red Glitter Candles 

Love Knots

RAK hershey kiss messages the kids gave out at the park for our Valentines Day Hoopla get together.

Special Hershey kiss messages.

Handmade V-day cards for teachers and other staff at my daughters school.

VOX Red Light Bottle! 

 My little love bug is a lover of heart anything, so I made her this heart ribbon head band.

It snowed a few days ago...we thought we would FINALLY get to pull out the rafts and be able to slide down the hill on side the house with it but it just melted.  We haven't had a really good snow in 2 years. 

So I have had a busy week.  I go through spurts with my crafting; I have SO much crafting supplies I have to pull everything out and like to do multiple projects back to back.  It works for me because then I can put all of it back up until next time.  I hope to one day have a crafting room.   I will share these projects this week.  Hearts are hearts and treats are treats so I hope ya'll don't mind me sharing the projects after the fact.  : )  Have a great Monday.

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