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Saturday "Creations" Spotlighting- CLIPPIE DIPS!

Consider Me Inspired

Hello all you wonderful Consider Me Inspired readers!

 My name is Amy from Clippie Dips and I am SO excited to be here! 

The lovely Amy P. thought it would be a good idea for me to come and introduce myself since I'm now helping her host her fabulous Inspiration In Progress party! And what better way to do that than share a wonderfully crafty project of mine!

Organization has been all over blog land with the beginning of the New Year and this was my first (and only) attempt at becoming more organized!

DIY Project Board
I bought the magnet board from Ikea about a year ago...if you don't have a magnet board you could do something similar with velcro.

1.) Cut out all of your shapes. (I used clipart that I bought on Etsy! The calendar was a free printable I found online!)

2.) Laminate all your pieces. This way you can use dry erase markers over and over again!

3.) Arrange your pieces in a way that works best for you.

4.) Measure and attach sticky backed magnets onto each piece. Honestly, I didn't even measure, I just  eye balled it!

And that's it! Super quick and easy! 'Cause ya know, I'm all about instant gratification!

It sure has been a pleasure to be here today! I'd love if you'd come on over and visit me sometime at Clippie Dips! Thanks again to the lovely Amy for inviting me! And don't forget to come link up your own projects this Thursday on Inspiration In Progress!

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