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Glittered Salt Dough Jewelry for a Girls Valentine

 See through glitter heart necklace. (just push the dough covering the heart in the back to the side)

 Glitter heart bracelet.

 There was a pretty good amount of glitter poured in, but it just wasn't sparkly enough.

 I grabbed some glitter & Mod Podge to mix & then painted all the salt dough jewelry.

I attempted at making a rose while the kids were playing around with the dough still. : )
TaDa!  Nice and glittery.  I LOVE glitter.  I really like the super fine glitter but since this was a kid project we used regular glittter(pink & red from the $ tree).  

Salt Dough for jewelry:   

1 cup flour
1/2 cup fine sea salt
1/2 cup water Heart cookie cutters(different sized pack at $ tree) 
 4 pack of glitter from the $ tree
                     Baby Pink ribbon....measure around your childs wrist for the right sizing.  
Pack of plastic red hearts~ table scatter from $ tree

Kneed dough around 5 minutes until it turns into a nice moldable ball.
Pour 1/2 your red and pink glitter in the dough and mix. 

We made 5 hearts and a rose with more left over for the kids to just play with. 

Roll out the dough and press your cutters into the heart for your shape.  Lightly press your table scatter heart into the center of the heart shape.

We used the end of a childs paint brush to make a hole through the corner of the heart so when it dries the ribbon can be strung through. It took around 3 days for these to dry.  I rotated them when I thought about it so they would be dry on both sides. 

We plan on making more as V-day gets closer and giving them to all the little girls in my daughters class as a Valentine gift.  What little girl doesn't love jewelry.  I hope you have fun with your little one(s) making heart jewelry. 

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