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DIY Valentine Cards

The Valentines we bought for K's class didn't have teacher cards on the back, so we had to make some. 
This was really easy and did not cost a lot.  It makes needing special cards easier to make in a jiffy that much  easier.

Blank index card
2 Foam hearts
Heart Hole Punch
A birdie with heart wings stamp
3 Hershey kisses

*Fold the index card in half.
*Punch 3 holes at the bottom with the heart puncher.
*Glue the pink heart down and then the red on top.
*Stamp your bird in the inside.
*Glue your Hershey kisses in the shape of a heart.

Tape your special message on the outside and tie together with a ribbon.  Holiday hole punchers can be found on the scrap booking isle at Walmart for .97.  Well, that is where they are in the stores here.  You can find them other places as well, but I am not sure on the price.  

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