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Love Knots~ Pretzels and Chocolate

Straight pretzels
Regular pretzels

So easy and so yummy.  Salty and sweet together in harmony.  

Place your Rolos upside down on the regular pretzels and place on top of parchment paper and place in the microwave for a few seconds.  Take out and flip your Rolo pretzel onto the straight pretzel at a slant and let cool and set.   They do look like little knots. : )  Another option is lay the flat pretzel out and melt your Rolo on top and press a pecan in the center.  That is how they are actually supposed to be made, but I didn't have any pecans. 

I tried a toaster oven, but it made the tops of the Rolos a little crispy.  You can put them in the oven at 200 until they melt too. I was being impatient so I threw them in the microwave.  They tasted the same as the ones that were put in the toaster oven, but less crispy.  I threw them in a box with plastic hearts meant for a table scatter and tissue paper. Simple enough!  My loving husband got me those beautiful roses when he came on last Tuesday.

See that little zebra dragon fly?  Well, my mom is so talented and artsy she makes and sells these to flower shops.  She makes butterflies, dragonflies and other wired designs at different sizes.  Want some, let me know and we will come up with something.  They could be used for more than in flower bouquets.  Clips and other girly accessories are also an option.  I will do a post in the future with a few designs that my mom made.

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