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What works for YOU???

This weeks theme is weight or inches.  Yep, weight on the scale really is a biggie in ones mind.  The number sticks in my mind, but the reality check is always when I go to try on clothes or go for my favorite pair of jeans and they just don't button.  So with that being said, for me it is inches.  It doesn't matter how much that scale shows, no one can see your weight displayed.  My mid section doesn't love me, so it makes it to where most clothes do not fit me. I know if my mid section was smaller my size options would open greatly.  It wouldn't matter how much I weighed.  I really could care less in how much I weigh...unless I have to share that information, then my cheeks are turning pink.  Clothes are really made by measurements not by pounds.  I want inches in all the right places and not in the wrong ones.  

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