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Moley Conzoli~ Words Kids Make Up

Oh, Peanuts!

I try super hard not to say any bad words around the kids.  I wish I could say I am getting better at it.  I decided that I really don't want to worry about hearing them say bad words.  They are just learning from what we teach them.  It has come up more and more lately about bad words being stuck in my 7 year olds head apparently.  She only says it happens when she gets mad.  Hmmm, I normally only curse when I get mad or if I drop or spill something.  Bad mommy.  My biggest curse word is a*s and dam* it.....I find myself saying those the most.  I have no clue why.  If I am in church, around older people or somewhere I know it is just going to get me some nasty looks and the cursing switch just turns off.  

So, I decided the other day to have a conversation with both of my kids about why they thought the bad words got stuck in their heads. Response was because they hear it.  Okay, gotcha.  Well, I got to thinking about how we could fix it.  I know it will be a process because it is a lead by example kind of thing. I can not stop what my child hears at school and brings home, just try to correct it another way.  This is what we came up with.  We decided we were going to try our best to replace the bad words we say with something funny or silly.  

Now when I say bad words, I am not meaning curse words but words that can just turn into bad words or seem negative.  Even though these words ARE NOT bad words necessarily, I want them to think they are.  Luckily, to my 7 year old the SH(her label) word is a curse word and that word is Shut up and it seems to be stuck in her head when she gets mad.  Fortunately for her it stays in her head.

Here is a little run down: 
Dang It!~ By far this is the number one most abused word by the kids.
I'm telling~ I already heard what was going on, so don't.
That's not fair!~ Nope, this does not cut it.
Hate! - Not in this house. Such, a horrible word.
Barnacle Head ~ Thanks a lot Sponge Bob!
Fart Head~ What?
Poo Poo Nu Nu~ Double What?

Where in the world do they get some of these things from?  I know I am not saying Poo Poo Nu Nu or calling people Fart Heads. Haha.  Now the last 2 are pretty funny and I don't fuss unless they say it over and over. I think it is my fault they say dang it.  Ooops!  I say zip it! Yeah, I know not good either but it is better than shut up and they respond better to it than hush. : )  Anyhoo, we are working on replacing these words with other words  and they make no sense at all but the kids seem to enjoy it.   I KNOW the whole money in the jar every time I say a bad word just wouldn't work.  I would go broke and then have to break into the bad word bank to get gas money or lunch money out.  : }

Oh, Peanuts
Moley Conzoli
Rat tails
Sugar cubes
Pig Tails
Jab it

Well, not too silly there.  I wish we had some more creative and funny words to use.  Any ideas?  The kids just kind of say whatever nonsense word that comes out there head when I tell them to say something else.   Moley Conzoli is one of those words they just threw out there in a spur of the moment.  Help me out here. : )

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