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What Can I Have?

 As soon as my daughter steps off the bus with her back pack hanging open and her hair a mess she instantly asks "Mom, what can I have for a snack?"  No, hi mom or anything. I love her to pieces though.  First thing I hear in the morning from my son..."Mom, I am SO hungry!" "What can I have to eat?"  He is always hungry by the way.  He always says he is not hungry and then the next second he is asking what he can have to eat.  Story of my life I tell ya.  My husband is instantly wanting food the moment he walks through the front door from getting back in town from work.  That is understandable, but really.  I suppose since I know it will happen, I should be better prepared.

When my daughter and son ask for a snack, they really mean what can they have for a treat.  To me a treat and a snack is completely different.  Treats are junky and not nutritious at all and exactly what they are looking for.  Snacks are quick but nutritious like fruit, veggies or other things along those lines.  So, my kids completely have the wrong idea.  Keeping fruit, veggies, granola bars and other quick little snacks is a really nice solution to the treat thing.  Especially since they think granola bars are candy bars. : )  They settle for the snacks I offer without fussing and the junk request is long forgotten.  Well, at least until they are wanting "A Snack" again. : )  It is funny that it is calling makes more sense because having a bunch of treats is not called treating. I know corny.  If you have too many treats, it is called pigging out.  So I guess we will stay with having a snack.

Sometimes I will do the "Well, what do you want?"  They fall right into it and say something like..."I can eat a sucker, that's a good snack." Snack no..junk yes.  I try really hard not to let them have a bunch of candy and junk.  Now their daddy is a different story.  He gets to stop at all of these neat little stores while he is at work and he thinks of us all and always brings sometime special back. I am glad he doesn't bring me something every time, because I really do not need it.  The kids are always expecting some kind of treat..."What did you bring me Daddy?"  Spoiled little things. : )  I am the meanie and the kids know I put a limit on the treats, so they will ask daddy first.

 Does the whole someone asking you if your kids can have a piece of candy right in front of them happen to you?  It does with us and my thoughts are NO, but since you just asked me in front of them with the candy in their faces I guess so.  Does that ever happen to you?  I really do not have a solution for this yet, but it was on my mind.  Are your kids always wanting "treats" or always hungry? What is you solution?

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