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Saint Patty's Day Hair Barrette

I made this for my daughter recently to wear to school on St. Patty's Day, BUT I didn't realize it fell on a Sunday.  She still wore it and loved it.  I thought about doing the whole clover hair design with the separate mini pony tails, however, I just know she would come back home looking like she was struck by lightning.   I have no clue what she is doing at school, but some days she comes home and it looks like her hair has never seen a brush. Crazy child. : )

Okay, so here is the cute little clip I made.

2 piece of white pipe cleaner 
2 piece of light green pipe cleaner
2 strand of thin green ribbon a little longer than the pipe cleaners. 

 Braid 1 white, 1 green and 1 ribbon strand together loosely.  The first set will make 2 loops and shape the last one to shape. Twist them into a clover shape.  Cut the extra pipe cleaner/ribbon off. 

Triple fold the orange ribbon after cutting and burning the ends. Hot glue to the barrette.

Place 1 gem/jewel in the center with hot glue.  Go around with gold glitter puffy paint. Place 1 line of gold glitter puffy paint in a line on the orange ribbon. Let dry.  

It was not heavy at all and turned out cute as a side hair clippie. 

* I decided that sparkly, pearly white ribbon you see in the above photo did not fit too well so I omitted it. 

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