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Saturday Creations Spotlighting- KID APPROVED!

My name is Olga, 
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I am a mama to four adorable rambunctious children. I blog at Kid Approved
Kid Approved
My blog is mostly about sewing adventures for my children.  I am super excited to be guest posting at Consider Me Inspired

I am looking out of the window as I type this and I can't see bushes in the front yard. They are buried in snow. As a matter of fact, I can't see much of anything accept snow. There is so much snow that if you are not careful you can probably lose a small child in the snow bank. Yet, we are hopeful here in North Pole Midwest. We are all optimists and know that spring is coming. And what better way to welcome it than sew some bright flowery pants.

Pants are easy to make and you can adjust the fit so they look just right on your child. I often add an adjustable waistband because I like the fit better. It is quite simple to do even if you don't have the right elastic, the kind that has small holes in it. 

1. Measure around waist of the pants and make a waistband that fits.

2. Decide how far you want the elastic to go - just in the back,  or slightly in front as well. Mark the spots and sew a buttonhole on each side. Add a  button next to the buttonhole. (It's hard to see in the picture, but there is a button next to the buttonhole.

3. With right sides together attach the waistband to the pants.

4. Insert the elastic in to the waistband using a safety pin. If you don't have the elastic needed, make your own. It will only work with knit elastic.

You are done!

Go check Olga out at KID APPROVED blogspot out and see ALL the many sewing projects she has created for her little ones to sport. 

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