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Blogspot Blogger Commenting Problems

If you have a blogspot blog, I can not comment for some reason. I have to actually get a different device and do so. I am sorry for the inconvenience.  I do see your comments but I can not even reply on my own blog. So frustrating and I am searching for a solution.  My laptop will not work at all in commenting.

* Not in Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.
* I have cleared my cache over and over.
*Embedded has always worked just fine with allowing me to reply to comments left.  Over the last 2 months it has stopped working.  I tried Full Page and Pop Up...and that lets me comment on my own blog but I am not 100% sure but I think the only way the original comment gets the reply via email is if I reply directly to the comment.  It will not let me.

I recently tried the options on someone else's blogspot comment section with every single option I could and NOTHING!  It lets me type the entire message and I hit publish and bam...into internet land never to be seen again.

I am unable to even comment on my own blog until recently and I have to do it as a non reply comment.   I just want all of you blogspot users know that I am very sorry for the inconvenience and I am not ignoring anyone, but it just is not working.  I can only comment if I grab my tablet and do so.  I do not always have it, so if you get a reply it is because I happened to be using the tablet.  I decided to go with a social route as I will Tweet your page or share it on Facebook as I was here kind of thing.

I just am not a die hard blogger, so I really don't want to pay for a domain and switch to wordpress or else I would have done that already.  I like being a casual/hobby blogger, but I REALLY wish it would work right. I mean seriously, is that too much to ask for!  COME ON BLOGGER....get it together man!  Rant over.

Anyone have any other solutions to cure my pain?

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