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Make your own Egg Maracas!

A inexpensive way to explore different sounds and for the kids to have some fun.   I set out different sized beans, rice, and different beads and we tested out each sound before the kids decided which sounds they liked the best.

What you need:
Plastic eggs, big and small beans, rice, bead, plastic spoons, pipe cleaners, tape (decorative tape would be super cute, ribbon or decorative paper, I did not have that on hand)

After they filled their eggs with the items they wanted I taped around the egg. 
Tape the bottom of the spoons together and place egg in the middle of the spoons and tape again.
Wrap the pipe cleaner into the middle of the spoons and then around the outside for a comfortable handle.

They turned out great...the kids went out onto the porch and played "BAND".  : )  I love my kids.  K is my little over accessorizer and she picked a few beans, beads and rice for each one...down to her science. The beans and beads mixed with just the right amount of rice sounded pretty nice.   Lil' G he is more specific and like things a certain way...all small beans in one and all big beans in the rice because he didn't like the way it sounded. They both had their own unique sounds and they smiled all day long.  We will be making more and add some bling and color to them. 

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