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Trouble Spot.....

Slim by the Summer~ Wow, are we really already on week 8?!

My trouble spot mid-section.   In my family that seems to be the area hit when you get older.  I have always felt my mid section was just a bit bigger than what I wanted it to be at the bottom part.  I once had a 6 pack and I worked out daily.  I would ride my bike to the near by elementary schools track and would walk up to 4 miles, then I would ride my bike back to my maw maw's house a few blocks away.  My aunt(2 years older) and I would have crunch/sit up competitions...yes really.  The most in a trial(throughout a few hours) with her and I was around 500.  Not a crazy number for a teenager.  It was fun and the competition part of it really amped both of us up to push to our limits.   Now even during those times I was always thick.  I am happy to just be thick and not skinny....size 8 is the jean size I like to be at.  Haven't seen that in a LONG time. 

Fast forward a few years down the husband and I got pregnant.  I had a hard 1st pregnancy...edema, toxemia, gestational diabetes(insulin 2x's a day), weekly stress tests and I gained a whopping 70 pounds.  I was put on bed rest in my 7 month of pregnancy.  I ended up having to have a c-section due to my severe anxiety and the doctor fearing I would put my child as well as my own life at risk due to all of my health problems.  My daughter was born 2 weeks early at 11 pounds even.  When she was 1 month old we lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and we were dislocated due to the storm.  After 5 days of being in MS we left.  Severe PPD set in and I never lost the weight. 

I fell and hurt my lower back damaging my L3-L5 area and that made it harder to workout my mid section.
3 years later we had our son.  He was born 3 weeks early at 12.5 pounds and I did not have the health issues like my 1st pregnancy.  While being pregnant with him in my 7 month, my nerve in my right leg pinched and I lost feeling in my entire right leg from my knee to my hip all the way until he was 1 month old.   Sciatica nerve problems spread and now gives me issues throughout my back, hip and legs.  It is super hard to do a lot of exercises and my mid section suffers.  Muscle spasms, bone issues etc...

So you can say family genes, giant babies, lack of exercise, medical issues, stress... my hip, belly area loves to be big.  I retain water pretty much on a regular basis in my belly and hip area.  With having 2 c-section I have that little muffin fold thing, which makes toning harder.  I hope to one day have some that looks like a mid section.  I have found a way around the typical mid section exercises so I can start reducing the inches and strengthening my core an improving my back issues.  Sorry for the book. : )

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