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Glittered Spring Eggs

Normally, you see lots of the glittered eggs in the stores for sale during Easter and I decided that I just was not going to buy any of them.  By now, if you stop by pretty often, you know that I would rather try to make something on my own if I can than buy it.  This time was no different.  I know it is a bit late....and even though I did make them before Easter, I wanted to make it a Spring post.    Little baby chicks and many other little baby animals are all be being born so I will just go with that.  :)
A nice spring decoration.  

How to make your own glittered eggs:

2 eggs
White spray paint
Mod Podge Matte
Fine Glitter- Teal, fuscia, white
Skewer stick
Pipe cleaner
Hot glue

Lightly spot pray your plastic eggs with white spray paint
 Let dry 
Cut a 1/4 of a pipe cleaner and put through the inside of the egg and pull through the bottom.  
Place a dot of hot glue in between the holes and put the non pokey end of the skewer there and hold in place  until it sets slightly. 
Wrap the pieces of the pipe cleaner around the skewer to hide the hot glue. 
Let dry

Once the eggs are set you can now begin to paint your mod podge on the eggs surface.  Before you start, mix some glitter in the mod podge and paint your surface.  After everything is painted you can sprinkle on glitter to coat the egg.  Let dry.  Repeat if desired.  

Last step is the paint on another coat of mod podge and sprinkle on white glitter; let dry and then paint a final coat of mod podge so the glitter does not fall off. 

All done.   Now you can either make some for a bouquet of flowers, a potted plant or on a wreath or as an accessory to something else you may be making....OR you can just save it until next year for Easter. :)

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