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Googly Eyed Glasses

Check out these super cute googly eyed glasses.......all from pipe cleaners.   Here is your basic shape you are wanting to get.

What you need: 

4/5 pipe cleaners and 30 googly eyes
Hot glue

Twist 1 pipe cleaner into a circle..... then when you get your complete circle, just twist your pipe cleaner around small a section of that circle so you can have the last half of the 2nd pipe cleaner able to twist to the others side and make the 2nd circle.  So your round part of the glass is 3 pipe cleaners.  If you look at the one that does not have googly eyes, you can see how to do it.  With the remaining pipe cleaners....twist the end on the side of the glasses circle and place it on your childs face to see where you need to cut after it wraps around your childs ear. 

It is time to glue.   Do 1/3 a part of the glasses at a time so your hot glue does not cool completely.  I did get a few hot spots....AND it was kind of funny because as I was trying to grab the next googly eye, a few kept sticking to the ends of my fingers so I had little shaking eyeballs on my finger tips.  Shape them a bit if they lost their shape any. 

And VOILA, you get your googly eye glasses.  They look like Elton John glasses minus the glitter and flashing lights...ha ha.  I am sure that they could be modified to have those as well.

*For fun you can make your kids/family wear them when they are fighting and saying the...he's looking at me/she's looking at me...make them stop looking at me.  Even if they close their eyes...they can say I'm not looking at you and their googly eyes are still looking, so it is a pointless to continue saying that.  I know my kids get in those moods where all they want to do is fight with each other and I figure....why not.  I mean maybe, just maybe they will laugh at each other and stop fighting.  Worth a shot right!  My husband said he would wear these out, but he said he wouldn't want anyone to think he was getting all googly eyed over them.  HAHA....he is crazy.  I can always count on him to say something crazy like that.  : )

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