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Grass Heads for Earth Day

Earth Day is on the 22nd so we decided we would start early on our Earth Day project.  

We gathered up our supplies: 

The Bare Spot Repair is like less than $5 at Walmart.
Potting Soil I got for like $3.
Potting cups-$2 for 9 cups.

The kids filled the cups 1/2 way and put a nice sized pinch of grass seeds in to make sure we have some extra grassy heads...and just incase some didn't sprout.  

Cover with soil until the top and water your soil.  We are watering ours daily right now. Nothing has sprouted yet, but it is getting warmer and they kids hope to transplant the grass in the yard hopefully by time Earth Day comes around.  They planted 2 each so they can glue a face on front & possibly give it a hair cut. 

Here are our cups and we promise to share once we have a nice cup of "GRASS HAIR."

What do you have planned for Earth Day this year?

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