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Blueberry Sausage Muffins

My kids are always wanting those breakfast corndogs.  You know the ones, the blueberry pancake wrapped sausages on a stick.  They just cost so much and really does not sit well with me as a breakfast I want to give my kids to jump start their day.  I decided I was going to make an alternative to them.

Really easy!

Martha White Muffin Mix- Make according to package
Original Johnsonville Breakfast Sausage- Cook, drain, refrigerate.

You can use any muffin or sausage you want, but those are just the ones that I used.   The pack of muffin mix gave me 6 muffin filled papers and 3 sausages cut in half was just enough.  Fill your muffin papers 1/2 full and insert your 1/2 sausage in the center.  A few of them did move a little, but for the most part they stayed in the middle.

Let them bake until nice and golden brown and serve with your kids favorites.  We just had some scrambled eggs.  The kids ate them up!

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