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Make Little Girl Balloon Flip Flops

It is getting warmer and we all love flip flops.  Personally, I wear flip flops 95% of the year.  My toes love the breeze.  Last year I saw a little girl making these balloon like flip flops when I was waiting to get my hair done and I even bought the water balloons to make them and I just never got around to it.  Old Navy had a sale on their flip flops the other day...sadly not the $1 sale but 2 for $5 works for me.   I refuse to buy something when I know I can make it myself.  Sometimes that is not always the most cost friendly option and in those times I make it or wait until it hopefully goes on sale.  
Let's Make Some Cute Flip Flops!

1 pair of flip flops
A large bag of water balloons
Hair band

Sounds simple enough right.  It is and even the most uncrafty person could make these they are so simple.   Size up the back of the flip flop with the foot you are working with so it is not to tight but just tight enough.  Tie a really tight knot as far at the end of the band as possible and then do it again to make sure it stays.  Repeat with the other side and the other flip flop.  Now, if you have a child that has a little bit of a problem walking in regular flip flops, problem solved.  I decided to go out on a limb and try to add a band to the flip flop, because I have one of those flip flop challenged children and she is unable to wear backless shoes or flip flops to school.  

I had actually purchased 1 small bag and 1 big bag of water balloons with the spouts in them last year at Dollar General during the summer time.  It was $3 total and I had some left over.  I did start running out of a few colors and luckily I had the 2nd bag to help me out. 

I started out at one of the sides and worked my way up.


The order was something like that.  I did about 2 repeats until I got the the tied part of the head band and I tied around 2 or 3 balloons over the tied part to make sure it was secure and covered.    I did a double knot on each balloon.  It depends on how you want yours to look with the balloon layout.    You can tie your knot starting with the end of the balloon on the inside or facing out.  You can alternate if you like.  I kind of alternated to get the look above.  It is not really set in stone once you tie your balloon off and you do have a little wiggly room to adjust the balloon look.  Play around with it and you will figure it out after a few balloons.   I hope you have fun making some cute little girl balloon flip flops! 

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