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Carnival Themed Giant Popcorn Box

What do you need to make a giant popcorn box set up? 

Red and White Vinyl Table Clothes
Xacto Tool
Giant Cardboard Box
Doublesided tape
Clothes Pins

Decide how wide you want your strips and draw them on a poster board and cut your template off of the poster board and trace with a pencil on your vinyl tablecloth.  Once you get all of your red strips traced, you can cut them out.  I traced the top half and then the bottom because the poster board was shorter than the length I needed.  

You want your box to actually look like a old school popcorn box.  Well, I did because I have this tendency to want things one particular way.  In order to get that cute little ruffle type design at the top, I used the same exact template I used for the red stripes for the outside of the popcorn box.  I traced the rounded design at the top of the box and then to get a smooth design, I cut along each design with my xacto tool.  It worked beautifully because it was new, so if you plan on taking on this project get a new blade.  I tried scissors and the cardboard was too thick.  

Wrap your box with 2 vinyl white tablecloths and staple in the inside of the box so everything stays put and is hidden at the same time.   After you attach your white tablecloth to your box line up all of your red strips and place the clothespin at the top to hold it in place.  I placed double sided tape under the strips, but they really only worked at the top and for some reason the rest kept coming undone.  I resorted to blue tacky and it actually came out looking like a part of the design.  Once you get them where you want them, adjust your bottoms and cut them.    
 There was a part of a tablecloth place on the inside that overlapped a table that was placed in the inside  to hold the popcorn and stabilize the box.  

It was hard to get it as perfect as I wanted it because all my boxes came in late.  I needed larger boxes, so I was waiting for my husbands job to donate boxes for the event.  I got them 2 days before the event....which did not provide very much time to get everything I needed done.  Everything got done and the giant popcorn box was a nice addition to the party.

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