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Circus Clown Fun Face Photo Board

Just like the Circus Monkey Fun Face Photo Board, I did the same thing with getting my design.  I did the light tracing from the computer and drew on squares of computer paper and put them all together in the end. 

So cute right!  This one was my favorite.  I love all of the colors.  I added a little trick flower with the pump for more of a clown person.   I found it for $1 at The Dollar Tree.  I thought about putting water in it for extra fun, because I knew people would squeeze it, but I thought about the marker and it would ruin the artwork.   Other additions was a felt strip for the hat, felt for the vest and dots from the background for his clown tie.  Pretty cute and simple.  I am sure there is possibly a less time consuming but more costly way to do it.  I went harder route because it fit in my budget.  I was so happy with the end result and I just couldn't stop smiling.  Let me know if you ever try this out, I would love to see it.

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