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Circus Monkey Fun Face Photo Board

This was a VERY large box.  It actually opened up it reached about 12 feet across and  was about 5'5" high.      Don't quote me on that exactly though, because it was over a year ago.  

I searched the internet and coloring books for a design that would fit the theme and I ran across this one. 

At the time my printer was out of ink, so I did the old fashioned light tracing.  I placed a piece of computer paper on the screen and traced as lightly as I possibly could.   That is why it is a bit messy.   However, it just goes to show you that you can have something cool and not have to spend a fortune or need special equipment to do it.

I am sure there are easier and more expensive options, but sometimes you just work with what you have.  In order to get the shape of a little hand, I traced my then 3 year old sons hands and they worked perfectly.  I did the eyeballing drawing per square in order for it to fit on the larger board.  

So that is the process of getting my forms set up for the board.  Lots of tracing, sizing, measuring and measuring and erasing again.  For decorating I used markers, glitter and felt. I added a bow and a hat to my little monkeys to make them even cuter with more of that jazz factor!  I hope you enjoyed this.   

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