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Make Your Own Themed Cupcake Toppers~ We Made Carnival Toppers

Have you ever spent a large amount of time trying to find the perfect cupcake topper for your special event? I know I have way to many times!  I have went to store after store going crazy and stressing out trying to find the perfect cupcake toppers.  Next step is to turn to the internet to see what I can find. Stress no more...make your own cupcake toppers.  Last year at our Central Foothills Mommies Birthday Bash #6 we went with the carnival theme.  First thing is first....birthday cupcakes.  One of the ladies decided that the cupcake toppers would be the best idea.  They turned out really great.  I am sure you want to know how they were made, so you can make your own.  Fret not, you can always count on me to share whatever finding and alternatives to anything I come across. 

It was actually super easy, tedious, but easy.  You print your image out on card stock paper and cut length wise and place your circle cutter over the image and punch it out.  

You need: 
 2 circles and 1 toothpick for each one of your cupcake toppers.   

I could have used hot glue but I wanted the image to be completely smooth so I used regular Elmer's glue.  I believe I ended up making about 60 cupcake toppers = 120 circles.  If I remember correctly it took about 3 hours total of cutting out and putting them together.  I placed a small dot of glue on the toothpick, lined up the circles right under the middle of the circle and held it tight for a few minutes until the glue started to take. 
I let them dry over night and they were all complete. 

The possibilities are endless.  It really was worth it once I saw them all put together and making all the cupcakes so festive looking.

Carnival Themed Party Decorations COMING: 
Monkey Photo Board
Clown Photo Board
Giant Popcorn Box
Cotton Candy Sign

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