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Assistant Teacher Appreciation- The Right Stuff

Even though it is Teacher Appreciation day, I didn't want to leave out the teacher assistant.   I just wouldn't feel right if I got a gift for one and not the other.  Luckily, my daughter only has 2 teachers right now.

Assistant Teacher Appreciation Gift:
You've Got the Right Stuff!

What you need:
Floral foam- leftover
Mini clay pot-1
Foam ball-1
Yellow tissue paper- small double folded square
Wooden skewers-4
Hot glue
Ribbon- various sizes, designs
Oreos- Golden Double Stuffed
Pretzels- 4
Icing- Regular and Sparkly Black
Plastic wrap
Foam sheet
Pipe cleaners
Plastic project wrap
rubber band

*Faces were made with bat toothpicks that I cut around to make round for a bee head and cut the bottom of the toothpick off.
Get your golden oreos ready by.  Putting a little regular icing down and lightly pushing the flattened side of the skewer through the oreo cream and put the top back on.

Pretzel- There are 2 rounded and one not side to a pretzel. Cut one of the rounded sizes off.  If you look at it you can visualize a bug wing shape.

Sparkly black icing tube- Draw a few LIGHT lines for the bee stripes on the oreo.  -Let sit for about an hour so the icing will firm up.

After everything is all dried up you can cut your shaped toothpick out or cut it where there is only a small portion of the stick left and insert it in the top of the cookies center icing so it pokes off to the side.  Across from the wings is a good spot.

Now that everything is put together you can set out 4 squares of plastic wrap.  Place your bee oreo face up on the place wrap and lightly wrap your cookie.  Secure with a small piece of cut pipe cleaner.  Tape any plastic wrap that may be poking out.  The pipe cleaner will hold the plastic in place and the oreo up so it doesn't try to slide.

Tie up 4 mini ribbon bows and hot glue to the wrapped pipe cleaner.

Remember the pieces of floral foam from the Learning Bouquet?  Well, it is time to stuff it in the bottom of your mini clay pot.
Shape your foam sheets into a flower or use a flower template(much easier).  Fold it into the pot and poke a cut skewer through the middle to hold it in place.
Wrap your foam ball with a little doubled over tissue paper. Hot glue what you need to.  I put some hot glue around the center and push your yellow tissue paper wrapped foam ball in the center.  The wooden skewer placed through the foam at the bottom will hold the ball in place even more.

Cut your sticks to size.  I used 4 skewers cut to 1 tall, 2 medium and 1 small.  Pop your holes in the foam ball for easier steps later.Tall to the back, 2 medium off to the sides and the smallest one up front.  Poke your bee skewers through the previously poked holes in the foam.  Add a cute little note in the center of your arrangement after placing a few plastic wrapped oreos at the bottom.

Size up your plastic project wrap and light pull up corners and pull toward the back so your project can be seen still but your project is not squished and you have extra at the top.  Secure with a rubber band.  Tie with ribbon and personalized gift tag.

Gift Tag- Print, buy or write out.  I printed mine out on scrap booking paper that looked like gift tags.  I punched a hole in the corner and placed a small piece of tape over the hole and then poked a hole through the tape and pulled ribbon through and tied around the rubber band portion.

*The mini pot was unstable because there was not enough weight to hold it down, so I hot glued glass gems around the top of the clay pot and it worked perfectly.

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