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Teacher Appreciation Gift-Learning Wheel Bouquet!

I did not realize Teacher Appreciation week was already here.  I got to looking around the internet, then I turned to Pinterest and realized there are so many of the same projects out there that just are repeating.  I decided I didn't want to make something that has already been made, but create something new.  It really got the best of me because I just couldn't think of anything to make that was clever and creative.  I got the creative part in the bag, but the clever saying part not so much.  I had my idea by Saturday, but still no clever saying.   I decided to recruit my hubbies clever mind for a saying or at least something to go by.  He never disappoints!   We got to throwing words around and rolling, learning, sticks etc. came up.  Not much to go by.
So what did we come up with?

I happen to really like my daughters teachers this year because she has done a fantastic job at keeping her focused and learning.  My daughter really likes her and feels that her teacher "GETS HER" this year.  We haven't had much luck with her previous 2 teachers.  Kaylei was really struggling with her reading comprehension and was a few reading levels behind when she started 2nd grade and she has been caught up and ready for 3rd grade now.   Her teacher has really been a blessing.

My husbands brilliant words:  Learning Wheel! 

I had no clue what a learning wheel was but I loved the concept and went with it.

Beginning Project

What you need:
Green floral  foam cube
Wooden dowels- 6 cut in different sizes
Hot glue
Green tissue paper
Pipe cleaners- 5 to 6 little sections per pipe cleaner
Plastic wrap
Plastic project wrap
Clay pot
Ribbon of various sizes and designs
Cinnamon buns

Shape your floral cube to fit in the clay pot.  (keep the extra)
Cut your wooden dowels in the sizes you would like.  Play around with the design of your wooden dowels arrangement by putting them in place.  (I did it before and after just to make sure they looked how they needed to look) Once you have your holes pushed in the green floral foam you are ready to assemble your cinnamon buns.

Poke your dowel threw the cinnamon bun- where the center swirl is closest to you so when it is upright it won't fall apart.  Instantly have a few squares of plastic wrap ready to go.  Put your cinnamon bun face down and wrap your plastic wrap around it securing by twisting the wrap right at the base.  Once it is twisted you can wrap your pipe cleaner around the twisted plastic wrap.

Shape your mini ribbons and hot glue to the pipe cleaner below the bun.  If there is any pieces of the plastic wrap popping out you can just put a little tape to secure it.

Fold 1 sheet of green tissue paper in half and cut down the middle. Take your green floral foam shape out of your clay pot and wrap your green tissue paper around it and stuff it back into the clay pot.

Glue your decorative ribbon around the top of the pot.  Make your large bow and glue it on the front.

Feel over the top of the tissue paper and you can feel where your holes are.  Push your cinnamon buns back through the holes you previously poked.

Hot glue a personalized tag on the front of your arrangement if you like.

Write, print out or buy your personalized card you want to include.

I printed mine out on a scrap booking paper that looked like gift tags.  Punch a hole and place a small piece of tape over and pop a hole through the tape and run your ribbon through the hole.

Now that everything is all done you can put it all together.   Place your pot in the middle and size up your plastic project wrap  so it fits around your project with extra at the top.  Secure with a small rubber band.  Tie your final personalized note at the top to hide the rubber band.

*Don't Forget the Assistant Teachers Gift!

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