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Don't Say it's So....SbtS AND a Huge Giveaway Opportunity!

SbtS...what is that?


Yep, the countdown is over.  It doesn't mean the journey is over, because it is far from it.   Trying to be more fit and eat healthier is a lifelong task.  I say task, because some people love it and some not so much so it is a task.  A very rewarding task on so many levels.  It has been a great journey so far and Lanaya from Raising Reagan has been such a wonderfully supportive host.  From My Fitness Pal, Blog Link Ups, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest......many ladies(36 of us) have been support for one another.  It has been 5 months!  

Finale Tally for this Gal:
My total loss at 17.6!
I have not had a chance to do measurements, but 
my clothes fit better....when I started I had this certain pair of favorite capris and now they fall off!  I am 2 inches from buttons a pair of pants that would make a 3 size loss.  Does that count?  My belly is my issue....muffin top from 2 c-sections and super water retention issues as well as nerve/spine problems.  My belly is really a work in progress, but I have faith and will continue to communicate our Slim by the Summer Facebook page for cheering and support.  I gained some mad Zumba dance skills btw.   There is a way to lose weight, you just have to find what works for you!


The loss is a great success, but so is the toned thighs and lifted behind that came with that loss.  
** I was in a serious sedentary phase and I went from basic duties and no exercise for the moment to being active at least 5 days a week.  Within the last 2 months, my schedule has changed dramatically.  My husband is now home every night, which prevents me from bored eating and staying up until 1 a.m. every night.  It is now getting warmer and my daughter is out for Summer and I can tell you, I see some more pounds dropping.  We will be going to spend a few weeks with my mom in MS and is a very active little lady.  Yes, I called my mom a little lady...she is petite.    It really is go, go, go and some days I wonder where the day went.  

If you are in need of some cheering buddies, supportive buddies and just someone to share new found information with, then the Slim by the Summer Facebook group page is for you.  

Our lovely Slim by the Summer host Lanaya from Raising Reagan is having a HUGE party!
Lanaya has come to be one of my favorite blogging gal pals, and I am so excited to participate as a Co-Host!  

Guess what? Raising Reagan is turning ONE! I will be throwing a huge giveaway bash and I would absolutely LOVE your support in joining me host a huge party!

I would love to have my friends and fellow bloggers join in the excitement and participate in the giveaway event.

è The event will begin on Wednesday, June 12th and last for TWO WEEKS!

è I will be placing ads on various sites to promote maximum exposure – and since I have access to place a press release will also be sending out a press release which goes to over 1500 publications nationally!

The gift card will be a minimum of $100 and I hope it will be more based on all you awesome contributors!

The best part -- > Whoever refers the most participants to me will win a $25 gift card of their choice {minimum two referrals}

Please fill out this form: {And don’t forget to send me some referrals!!}---Just let her know Amy from Consider Me Inspired sent you. :)

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