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3D Aquarium Learning

We decided to make a 3d aquarium to brighten up our fridge.  We learned a little more about sea life while we searched for photos of fish and other sea creatures to make our aquarium.  He recognized fish and sea life from Spongebob and Finding Nemo while looking through pictures.  My son loved looking for fish for his aquarium.  We also went over which colors mixed together make other colors.  The marker colored fish was our examples.  

Blue+Yellow= Green
Red+Blue= Purple
Red+Yellow= Orange

What you need:
2 shades of blue tissue paper
Green streamer paper
Elmers glue with a little water mixed in
Paint brush 
Poster Board- Cut to size to FIT TO contact paper height
Contact Paper

Print outs or cut outs of your sea life you want to add to your 3d aquarium.

Fold your tissue paper and cut from the short end across.  I used 2 sheets total.
Apply glue to a poster board with a paint brush attach your strips.  Continue to apply glue until all the white spots are covered with tissue paper.  Let dry completely then you can put your picture together.
Add your strips of green streamer paper along the bottom for border and if you want to add some sea weed type grass you can add that as well for extra sea fun.  Cut your contact paper wider than your picture so it will have a nice area to stick to the fridge.  I cleaned the fridge off just to make sure it would adhere better.  For extra support I placed our prayer magnets around it to make sure it stayed up and as time went on it is still attached to the fridge 2 months later.   

The more gentle you are with the tisse paper, the more effect the fish will seem to have.  Fun to touch and you could possibly use it as a table mat for a meal time.  The contact paper will stick and not harm my experience.  Have fun.

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Yesterday was my sons 5th birthday and my goodness how time has flown by.  You know I had to pull out the baby photos....I try not to do that much, because it gives me baby fever.  I will be sharing with you this week all about our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Bash!  

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