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Make Your Own Hot Pockets

I tell you, these are much better than the pizza pockets in the store.  The store ones are practically dripping grease everywhere once they are done.  Little nasty grease pockets.  However, the ones I made at home are so easy.  So, here is what you need to make your own pepperoni and cheese pizza pockets.

2 cans of crescent rolls
1 package of pepperonis
Mozzarella Cheese sliced

Roll out your crescent roll and place 2 or 3 pepperonis on the bottom then the small slice of cheese and then place a few more pepperonis on top and roll up.  Do 4 at a time so you don't have 1 or 2 cooked more than the others.  That little sandwich things heats up pretty quick.  This one is old so it works better for stuff like this than say liquid type stuff.  The bottom wants to cook but the top is lighter, so I end up having to flip everything to try cook evenly.    My mom had one of these when I was little and she would make us eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, muffins and everything else that would cook in it.  I love that I ran across one at a thrift store one day.  I really love it.   Do you have one of these?  I really don't know what it is called....Roundhouse is the brand. 

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