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Chicken and Veggie Kabobs

We love kabobs around our house.  It was raining out and I wanted some kabobs, so I pulled out the broiler pan and the skewers.   Grilling is our favorite way to have kabobs.

Chicken Breast seasoned with Dash Chicken Blend 
Sliced Red, Yellow and Green Peppers

Cut your chicken and lightly pan fry both sides until golden brown.  
Put your sliced veggies on your skewers and place on your broiler pan rack.
Put water in the bottom of your pan and cover your skewers with foil and bake until the veggies are half cooked or all the way cooked if you like them like that.  The chicken was already pretty thin and was pan fried so it will be cooked all the way.   We had brown rice with our skewers.  YUM!

How do you like to make kabobs at your house?

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