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Slim by the Summer Catch Up!

Week 16:

Fitness Resources for me are Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, You Tube, Apps on my phone, Apps on my Samsung Note, Fitness dvd's- Right now I have 30 Day Shred with Jillian Micheals, Crossfit Bar Training with JM, a Reebok fitness video with different workout equipment and lastly the game store for the Zumba games which I am pretty sure counts as a resource.   The top 2 choices are normally the apps or setting up a schedule on the expo board.  I get bored often, so I change my routine up and that often involves searching different web pages.

Week 15:

Fitness quotes for me are really about the motivation and push of the message.  I have a few more, but I really like these.

Motivation Believe in yourself

Know the Difference Decided

I have had this on the fridge for months and it is so helpful! YOU
NOPE It Will
InspirationSelf Respect
Just Go Not an option
Somethin Bout a Truck: Motivation Remember it

Week 14:

My progress update:  I have been being a slacker for at least the last 2 weeks.  I have been so busy trying to stay caught up on the never ending to do list lately.  Well, since my husband is home every night.  I think I have adjusted, now I just need more time in the day.  The days have been going by so fast lately.  I feel like my vitamin D levels are regulating again.  50,000 mg of vitamin D every day for 2 months.  Yeah, wow!  I have been having a few health issues other than the vitamin D lately, but I am going to the doctor and trying to figure out a solution that will best work. All and all the vitamin D seems to be helping my energy levels.  My sleep schedule is much better.  I am going to sleep around 9 verses 12 and 1 am because I am up(the first time) at 3:30 to get the hubbies stuff ready for work.  Then I am up again at 6:30 to get Kaylei ready for schoo and get set for the rest of the day.

 I actually have been really busy going and going lately.  I have been doing yard work, cleaning the house a lot and often, getting Spring cleaning done, going through things.  I am getting a good sweat in here and there and at least daily.  I get a stationary bike ride in,  a walk down the road or to the park and we have been visiting the skating rink.  The first time I swear I didn't fall many times, but I do remember once having way better skating skills.  Well, 13 years ago and weighing a lot less.  I have done really good with my weight though.  My thighs are feeling tight still and my weight is bouncing back and fourth from 17-15 pound loss.  Which, is really good and I am proud of that.  I just need to keep making that number go down.

Week 13:

1. To be more fit and have more energy and endurance.
2. To look and feel better in any outfit.
3. To set a good example for my children.
4. To reduce my risks of diabetes and other diseases being obese causes.

Family, Health, Happiness, Confidence, Fitness!

Week 12:

I didn't do an actual post for week 12, but I put my favorite body part in the comments on the Slim by the Summer Facebook conversation.  The part of my body that seems to be the easiest to whip back into shape is my rear end.  My glutes seem to tighten and lift much faster than any other part.

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