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Celery Stalks that Keep Growing

Will celery keep growing after you cut the stalk?


So crazy, I really didn't believe it.  I am a believer of things when I see them not just from hearing it.  I started checking into different things regarding gardening, because I wanted to start a garden.  I have never attempted a garden, because if all my flowers have died how would actual food stand up?  It wouldn't have a chance.  I am happy to say I AM growing a garden and it is getting bigger and just starting to bud a few things.  I figured the only way I could start a garden is by buy plants that had been nurtured and started already for me.  You know, so they would have a fighting chance.  I have practically killed everything that I have tried to grow.  Sad really.

I am not sure if there is a science to the whole celery stalk thing, but I did try it.  I put a little bit of water at the bottom of my container and put my celery stalks bottom in it and left it alone. I did cut straight across and removed all of the stalk at the same time so it would be even.   After a few days the middle started to grow up.  After a few days around the stalk started rotting.  I then cut off the outside, put it in a small cup in the window sill to get sunlight and nothing....everything started rotting.  Not sure what I did wrong, BUT the point is that it works.  Now, I don't know how apt I would be to actually eat the celery growing from the old celery....just because of that rot factor.  If it didn't rot then yeah.

Have you tried this?  Is there a better way to keep it growing without rotting?

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