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Chicken and Dumpling Pot Pie

You can't get my soul foodie than this!   Chicken and Dumplings and a Pot Pie all mixed in one.

I made a chicken and dumpling meal maybe 2 nights before and for some reason I am always making too much food so then we have left overs.  Not a bad thing, but you don't want to eat the same food more than a day.   Then, I need to come up with something else to make with the leftovers. :)

Chicken and Dumplings
4 Chicken Breasts
Soup Pot
A few sliced celery stalk
Sauteed' onion
Brown Rice
Flour/Water/Garlic powder seasoned dumplings
Chicken Bouillon Cubes

Throw your chicken in a boiling pot of bouillon cubed up water until they are falling apart.  Take them out and let them cool slightly.  Enough to where you can touch them.  Cut your fat and other things off you don't want to eat.  I don't like the fatty part of it so I just cut it off.  Leave it on while you cook it for the extra juices.  Pour chicken water into a larger pot and add a few seasonings.  I normally just add a bit of garlic powder and Nature's Seasoning blend.  Drop in some baby carrots or other veggies. I let it cook for about 2 hours on medium.  

  I opened my steamed rice bag(while frozen still) and dropped it in the pot. Mix up your flour/water/seasoning together where it is a little thick but too thick.  You want it to be able to fall off your spoon easily.  Drop each tablespoon into the boiling surface and once it pops back up you are good to go.  You can drop several at the same time but just not too close to each other.  Once it pops up you can drop another closer by it and not have to worry about it sticking.   You may have your own version of dumplings, but this is just how I was taught to do it.  I have been meaning to try the rolled out flour into the paper thin strips as dumplings, but haven't got around to it.   I let it cook for about another hour and it was ready to eat.  You can refrigerate your Chicken and Dumplings until you are ready to make your pot pies.  

*The creamy color will come from some of the flour mingling with the chicken water. 

Chicken and Dumplings Pot Pie
2 Deep Dish Pie Crusts- Let them sit out until thawed.  

Heat up your leftovers and mix in corn, peas and green beans into your chicken and dumpling mix and pour into your pie crust pans.  Put on your top pie crust and pinch together.  Brush with milk, butter or water.  Bake in the oven for a while until nice an golden brown.  I baked it for about 35 minutes.  It didn't take that long to cook, because everything was already heated up.   

I really don't measure much, and I hardly every make the same exact thing the same way more than once.   It actually came out pretty good and who doesn't love a nice pot pie.  

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