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Make Your Own Ribbon Pony Tails!

Little girls are so lucky, they get to wear all kinds of pretty little pony tails and bows.  Normal bows do cost a bit and it is either you love it or not so much.  Make your own hair bows and save money and customize it to your outfit or liking.  Ribbon is pretty easy on the wallet and has endless possibilities.  Check out these cute hair bows the girls are sporting. 

Pretty simple right. You could do even more than just 2 different types of ribbons to make it more colorful or more full.  We haven't had any issues with the ribbons falling out or coming undone, so tie 'em tight.   I hope you have fun making some new ribbon hair pony's!   Stay cool and I hope you are enjoying your Summer.   I am currently on the Mississippi Coast spending some much needed family time with my mom, sisters, brother and everyone else.  I pop in here and there, so if you are wanting to chat or sign up for something just shoot me an email.  Away from the blog for the moment. 

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