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Repurposing Glass Jars

I love repurposing things rather than throwing them away.   I have found a new appreciation for glass jars.  My latest repurposing activity was a Vlasic Pickle Jar!  I am working on my 2nd jar currently and plan on turning it into a flour jar.  It was really easy to do.  I had 2 jars; 1 was a Mt. Olive jar and the other was a Vlasic.  I was not able to get the plastic label off the Mt. Olive jar.  My kids took it upon themselves to store their crayons and other drawing tools in it as storage.  Proud mama moment there.  However, the Vlasic pickle jar has paper which is so much easier to get off with a little soaking.   It has a really nice design as well.  It has the 20, 40, 60 ounce lines.

1. Clean your pickle jar and let it air dry....make sure the pickle smell is gone. 
2. Spray paint your lid and let dry - I used metallic gold.
3. Tape your rectangle off for your black paint center. 
4. Paint a few coats of paint and let dry.
5. Line with liquid lead paint in a dotting motion around your painted rectangle.

After everything is all nice and dry you can place your descriptive block stickers on your jar or use the small chalk to write it.  I had a pack of multicolored scrapbooking sticker blocks that came in a set, so I just used those.  I do realize there is 1 letter that is a different color than the rest.....that is all I had and plus I liked that it made it not so plain.  Pour in your sugar or other dry ingredient you wish to decoratively store!

Use your sponge brush and alternate with the design in between drying.
1- sponge pat paint horizontally
2-  sponge pat paint vertically 
Repeat and let dry and it even works on plastic.

*One more thing I have found is that black acrylic paint is the same exact ingredients as chalkboard paint. I have not found any issues with using black acrylic paint as chalkboard paint.  I came across this discovery when I painted our kitchen door with chalkboard paint and ran out before it was completed.  I got to looking at the backs of the bottles and finished the door up with black acrylic and it worked just fine.  

Chalkboard Door

What do you like to repurpose?

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